Carsten Griwodz is professor at the University of Oslo, leading the
section for Distributed Infrastructures and Security. He is also an
Adjunct Researcher at SimulaMet and co-founder of ForzaSys AS.

His research interest is the performance of multimedia systems. His goal
is to understand how users can become sufficiently immersed in an
experience depending on their goals and context. He explores research
advances in fields ranging from operating system and networks to
computer vision to understand and reach the point of sufficient

He received his Diploma in Computer Science from the University of
Paderborn, Germany, in 1993. From 1993 to 1997, he worked at the IBM
European Networking Center in Heidelberg, Germany. In 1997 he joined the
Multimedia Communications Lab at Darmstadt University of Technology,
Germany, where he obtained his doctoral degree in 2000. He joined the
University of Oslo in 2000. He worked at Simula Research Laboratory from
2005 to 2018. He is member of ACM since 1996 and IEEE since 2011. He is
a Mercator Fellow affiliated with the MAKI project at Darmstadt
University of Technology.